Saturday, February 05, 2011

Owlies are back

I've had many friends ask me about my Owlies lately. Its been such a long time since I made any, so I made some.

I have had so much fun picking out the fabrics and making them. Each one comes out different.
They make me smile, which makes me happy.

Owlies like Adventure

Owlies love tea

Children love Owlies

Just like me.

After a long chat with the little Miss, who decided she really really wanted the blue and yellow Owlie (last picture), I was allowed to keep it for the shop.
I think that I may need to make another one of those, just in case.

Hope everyone is well and safe.
Until next time, the fabric is calling me...


Chookyblue...... said...

love them............they sure look fun.........

Demon Lily said...

they are so cute... i want one :))
so glad the owlies came back!

Lisa said...

the owl are so cute :)

Fiona @ Dragonfly-Crafts said...

AWWWW very cute as usual :)