Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hot Hot Heat Wave

We are having a heatwave in Melbourne at the moment.

Today is forcast for 45 C (113 F), which is what it hit yesterday.

At 7am it was 29 C (84.2 F) inside and outside, that was the overnight low.

Its 10.24am and its 32 C (89.6 F)  inside and 40C (104 F) outside. And its only going to get hotter.

And guess what ? We have no air conditioning. Hopefully we will find somewhere cool to go later.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Some clothing

I'm still in a bit of a strange mood sewing wise. Just can't settle to one thing and get it done. Its been too hot to really feel like doing much but reading, and that's a whole other post. So I decided to try and make some clothes.

I first tried this Built By Wendy pattern last year, and had hell's own job with the sizing. I was so frustrated I just put it, and all the pieces in a pile and left it. Obviously it wasn't the right time for me to be attempting sewing clothing. With this pattern the sleeves around the arms are very small.So this year I just went with a bigger size and had success. Its quick to make and a fairly comfy top. I know, I should have ironed them before the picture.

So I made two, and I think I might make another one...

Then I decided I wanted to make a wrap around skirt. I found this pattern at

Quilt Fabric Delights. It arrived Friday and I made it on Sunday (yesterday). It came out well.
I will admit that sewing clothing is very different from just making a bag or a softy for me.
I have to read and then re-read the directions to get my head around them. In the end though, it all works out and I now have a very comfy skirt, that has nice lines and looks good.

I will definitely make another one of these skirts, and the comfort factor is high. So there you have it. My trusty sewing machine and overlocker (serger) have been helping me have adventures in sewing. Next I might try some knit fabrics.

One more week until Primary School starts here. Its very exciting as our youngest is starting her first year at school. We are counting down the days.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week. Happy reading and crafting.

PS: Happy Australia Day!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


It is Summer and the School Holidays here. There isn't too much routine happening here at the moment apart from mealtimes. I have mainly been taking it easy, doing the housework, and reading the odd book or six. I have however managed to finish a stitchery. Its from the book "Designer Quilts. Great projects from Moda's Best Designers".
Its designed by Kathy Schmitz and called Plentiful. I love the folk art style.

During November/December I made a lot of presents, and ended up feeling quite burnt out sewing wise. I started the stitchery in early December as a distraction from all the other things that i needed to make and had going at the time. Finished it a couple of days ago, and i now feel like getting into some sewing again. My poor old Home Sweet Home Quilt is still waiting for me after I took an extended break from it after the accident I had with my fingers. I am hoping to get going on it and get it finished soon.

Hope everyone is enjoying the Summer break and or having great days no matter where you are. It was 39 degrees here today, a real scorcher.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

A New Year and new Thingies

Happy New Year to you. May 2009 bring you happiness and be a wonderful year.

(I am up early, sneaking online before the littlest one gets up and decides she needs to use the computer. Yes, I have competition for the computer time with a five year old...)
Anyway, I wanted to blog about new things. No new years resolution for me. I just want to craft, blog, read, and keep doing what I normally do.
The new things ?

The book is my Christmas present from the girls, and the magnificent pin cushion thing-a-ma-jiggy is what my fantastic Mum gave me. My Mum also gave me a Punch needle. I have been wanting to try Punch needle for a long time. So I got out some fabric and drew myself a picture and off I went.I'm not very good at it. I had to trim the finished design quite a bit to get rid off all the extra long loops and unevenness. However I have realised that I need to tighten the fabric again and again, and take better care with the thread I am using (dmc 6 strand).

I will be playing with the punch needle lots. I like it, I want to get better at it, and its fun!
So if there are any experienced punch needle users out there, any tips would be appreciated.

Sorry about the pics, I took them outside this morning and it was cold, and the sun wasn't up enough at the time. Ack someone has just woken up.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

Happy Crafting and Reading to you all.