Sunday, August 16, 2009

O.P.S. turned into a Fabric Basket

You saw my industriously relaxing sewing of scraps the other week, (see last post) well I finally made them into something.
My 18 year old daughter would come home and scatter the small things from her pockets and handbag all over the house, and then ask "Have you seen my crap?". This would result in confused looks and us searching the house for her stuff. So to help her out I decided to make a little fabric basket out of the scraps. I must say its been a great idea. No more questions, no searching for hours for little things, now they all reside in the little basket near the front door.

This is the back side of the basket.

Front of the basket (now you know why I showed you the back side first).

After the success of the "crap" basket, I decided to make a bigger one. This time I used fabrics from my stash, as these use quite a bit of fabric. I used the pattern from Sew Pretty Homestyle.

Strips all sewn and ready to go ( I am obsessed with strips at the moment)

I liked the inside better than the outside. So the binding I used to cover the seems shows, there is no accounting for taste some days...

Its huge. I am really not sure what to use it for.
This is what it looks like with the top un-folded.

So there ends my sewing adventures using Other Peoples Scraps. I'm sure I will make some more things from out of the scrap box soon.
I have been looking at all the clutter in the house lately and am thinking some nice big fabric baskets would be good to store things such as toys and other thingies. So I will look into making some.

And finally after a very cold winter this year, it is really good to see that Spring is finally on its way. The hope for warmer weather with all the blossoms sprouting and flowers budding is such a wonderful thing.

Happy Crafting and Reading


Chookyblue...... said...

what a great idea..........lovely and now no more things lost........

weareborgswife said...

Saw you used Sew Pretty Homestyle, and I am reading Sew Pretty Christmas and she uses "Fibre Felt", which I can't seem to locate in the USA- do you happen to know if this is the same as fusible interfacing? I really want to begin some of these projects! Thanks in advance :)>

Jackie said...

Love the Crap Basket! I need to make one for my husband!

Fiona @ Dragonfly-Crafts said...

Brilliant idea, I had to make up a box for James 'cause he does the same thing.

Tracy said...

Scraps, crap and it! LOL! Those fabric baskets are wonderful--and washable too when need be. So glad spring will be arriving there soon. Here autumn will soon be arriving...bbbrrr...just thinking about it! Happy Days to you all ((HUGS))