Monday, December 29, 2008

SSCS goodies

My secret Santa this year was the wonderful Sherry from If I could set my soul free. Sherry was very generous sending me a big box filled with lovely fabric gift bags made from green and red Christmas fabrics. It was very hard not opening them before Christmas day, and I am pleased to say I waited.

Fabric Bags among the wrapped gifts.

Inside those fabric bags were the most wonderful surprises. A large hand tied swag in pinks and a blue, a pair of metal owl trivets, a tissue case, handmade yo-yo broaches, gorgeous handmade owl cards; and two pieces of wonderful fabrics. There was also a Christmas ornament for the tree, and some yummy sweets, which are all gone now. Thank You so much Sherry, I feel royally spoilt.

Thanks also to Donna from Chookyblue for organising such an amazing swap two years running.

My partner that I sent a gift to is the lovely Katie at My Sandbox. Go and visit if you want to see what I sent her.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

It's Christmas!

May you enjoy the Happiness of the Season,
Have the Joy of good company, family and friends,
May your wishes come true.

Merry Christmas

Monday, December 22, 2008

Oh Dear

What do you do when its five days out from Christmas and there are presents still to be made and finished; a house that needs cleaning and a huge pile of washing to be done ?
You go to your local library and stock up on books to read over the holiday break.
Then, horror of horrors, you open one and start reading. Its a terrible problem. The story is so intriguing, the characters fascinating and the plot line is great, so great that your hooked. You can't seem to put it down for any period of longer than a couple of hours.
Your conscious is crying out "The lawn needs mowing, and its finally dry enough to do it". What happens ? You keep reading. You stop to put the washing on, then you see the book, just lying there, pick it up and keep reading. Put it down again to hang out the washing and make food. Then before you have realized it, its there in your hands and you are drawn in again. Taking that journey with the characters. You fall asleep at night reading it.
The next day you pick it up after breakfast. "Who did it?". You keep wondering, keep reading, and so it goes. Eventually the day is passing and you put the book down and take the littlest one for a hour's walk in the late afternoon heat. During the walk, your mind is turning over the facts, what you know. What you think you know. Who did it ?
You arrive home, and put dinner on to cook. Whilst you wait, there is that book again, just sitting there on the kitchen table. "Oh look its nearly finished!" your brain says. Might as well just pick it up whilst dinner is cooking...
Just before dinner is ready, your at the end. The killer is revealed, all the loose ends tied up, and all is well with the world. You serve up dinner and wonder where the weekend went.

Till the next book ...

Friday, December 12, 2008

Catch Up

Sorry for the extended break. Towards the end of November the end of year "busy" switch got thrown, and its been on in over-drive ever since.
Its really been a bit insane here. Lots of going out, illness, head lice (yes i know ikky!!!), graduation ceremonies, birthdays, birthday parties, gatherings, and the sewing lots of things that can't be posted about.
Here's what I can post about.

We have been up early lots and getting to see sunrise's and spectacular clouds.

We have had adventures
At Healesville Sanctuary


Check out the claws on this fellow, definitely not cuddly!




And then there was a Birthday ride on Puffing Billy to Gembrooke and back.
I love riding on a steam train. The scenery, the smell of the soot, the noise, the gentle rattle and sway. (and yes I got soot in my eye...) And most of all I love the pace. A slow 15 miles per hour amid the bush and farm land. Love it !

With beautiful scenery. A fantastic day out, no matter what the weather

Then there is some crafting that I can show

Mama Bear, ( a gift) from the "Softies" book.
Oh "More Softies" is out too, and its really good!

Some little Owls for a friend.

Hope everyone is well and enjoying the Season

Happy Crafting and Reading