Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Floral Romance Quilt Top Finished

Well I have finished the quilt top. Yay! It turned out a bit bigger than I thought it would.
DD1 stood on a chair and held it up for me. I am really happy with how it came out, the colours look better in real life.

I will get it professionally quilted at Sandlyn House. Its exciting for me, as I have never had a quilt top quilted before. Hopefully it wont take me too long to get it to them.

In other news, I had a lovely chat with Chookyblue tonight. She is a fantastic woman, and so good to laugh with!
I also signed up for a bag swap with Linda of All Stitched up. I am really looking forward to that.

Its been a cold and rainy weekend in Melbourne. Feeling a little stir crazy after hurting a shoulder and spending the weekend cooped up inside with my littlest one. I suspect she's way past stir crazy and is hanging out for kinder tomorrow.
So very soon I am off to snuggle in my bed with a good book. I am currently reading Sorcery Rising by Jude Fisher. What are you reading at the moment ?

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Romantic Florals WIP

The school holidays are rushing past. We have been to the pictures, and out on a few excursions, mainly we are staying in. Its been so cold and wet, that inside is really the best place to be.
There's also been a bit of cabin fever, the littlest Miss is counting the sleeps till Kinder starts again. I have gone through my stash and picked out a lot of Romantic Florals and started making a quilt. I love romantic florals. Actually I love all kinds of fabrics, but these are making me happy at the moment. Whilst cutting some fabric yesterday morning the rotary cutter jumped the ruler and took a chunk out of the tip of my right index finger. Ouch. I was very lucky as it was white fabric I was cutting and some how not a drop landed on it. Gosh its hard to type with band aids on.
Here is a peek at what I am making. The photo was taken late at night ( the only time I could be sure that I could lay it out without it getting stepped on).

Am hoping to get the top finished soon, as I need to get back to my Home Sweet Home Bom. It is nice to make something different.
On Tuesday we went to visit Foothills Fabric and Threads up in Tecoma. They have just moved shops. 11 doors down. The new shop looks wonderful. There are some lovely photo's of the shop on Leanne Beasley's blog here along with pictures of Rosie's book launch. If your passing drop in and visit the shop. They have some truly gorgeous fabrics, and lots of lovely Christmas prints.

I noticed a lot of visitors from the Patch to Patch forum to see the Russian doll cushion I made. (In English here) over the last week. So I have put in a little translation box on the right for non English readers to be able to read the blog in their own language.

Hope everyone is having a great week.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Russian Doll Cushion

The stitchery is from Rosalie Quinlan's book "Gift". Finished it last Monday night. Finished the cushion last Friday. How long did it take me to remember to charge the camera battery ? All week! Its the school holidays and insanity is pretty much running wild here. Haven't been online much. Am hoping to get online tonight and visit some lovely blogs.
Hope everyone had a good weekend. More posts soon.