Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Shop Update

I have finally gotten it together and updated the shop with these:

Monday, July 23, 2007

Meet Me At Mikes

Last Friday I went for an adventure. Caught the train into the city, then the tram out to Richmond, with precious cargo in my backpack, to Meet Me At Mikes. What a fantastic shop. There are so many wonderful things in there. Clothes, books, softies, bags, cushions, buttons, patterns, vintage fabrics and so much more. I think I could have spent forever in there looking at everything. Meet me At Mikes is run by the nicest people.
The shop has a big shelf that runs along one side of the wall full of doll's houses. In one of those doll houses there now resides a few little Owlies.

Owlies at Meet Me At Mikes

You'll have to pardon my picture quality here, as it was taken with my mobile phone. I can't tell you what I went through to get this picture off my phone. Only that my computer doesn't like the software for it!
Meet Me At Mikes is one amazing shop to visit. I need to have more time on my next visit there. So if your in Melbourne go to Richmond and visit Meet Me At Mikes, you'll love it!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

I went out and got it on Saturday afternoon(when all the crowds had gone away), and finally finished it this morning. I loved it!
What a great read it was. I wont give away any thing to those who haven't read it yet.
I am sad that the series is finished and I wont be able to join the characters for more adventures.
I guess I'll have to go back and re-read the Harry Potter series like I do with lots of favorite books. At least now my Teenager can get to read it.

Others books I go back and re-read on a yearly basis are :
The Wee Free Men and its sequel Hat Full of Sky, by Terry Pratchett. I just love that story.
Any book by Charles de Lint. He is my favorite author of all time. He writes in a genre that is a called urban fantasy. If you love fairy tales and fantasy, Charles is for you.
And anything written by Neil Gaiman. Neil is another fantastic author.
I do of course love many other Authors, these are just a few of the ones I re-read on a regular basis.

A Birthday Party To Remember

My gorgeous nephew had his sixth Birthday Party yesterday. The sun was shining for once, and although it was still cold, the wind didn't have its usual freezing bite.
The party was a spectacular success. Children everywhere running around having a great time. And to top it off a visit from Roaming Reptiles , with a fantastic reptile show. Did I mention that my Nephew is Reptile Mad ? There were Lizards, turtles, snakes and a crocodile. The kids got to look at and touch (very briefly) all the animals. The kids loved it. So did the adults.

This is a one year old saltwater crocodile. Its mouth was taped shut, with special tape for obvious reasons.

The party ended with the cake. My Nephew had asked his Grandma for a cake with a spider . Grandma made him a cake with a huge Red backed Spider on top. The cake is absolutely amazing isn't it!

Many Thanks to my Brother and Sister-In-Law for a fabulous party.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Scrappy Cushions

I made the front of these scrappy cushions up on Saturday night. Quilted them on Sunday night and finally made the envelope backs from pink gingham and finished them, despite a nasty migraine this afternoon.
I think that working on them distracted me enough for a little while so my head didn't hurt as much. One is on its way as a present for a girlfriend, (who I sincerely hope is not reading this).
The scraps came from the fabulous Whizzme's Etsy Shop. I love looking at other peoples scraps, the different tastes in fabric, and colour. Its like a lucky dip, except its fabric, and fabric is fantastic.

New Fabric Storage

Yesterday with the help of my fabulous Dad, we moved this old retired kitchen dresser to my place, where it got a clean and then was promptly filled with fabric. Its so nice to have somewhere that isnt a bag, or a plastic box that I can put my fabrics. The cupboards down the bottom are nearly full already. I had no idea I had so much fabric. Oh how I just love and adore fabric. You can never have to much of the stuff!

Now my Owlies have a shelf to themselves, but they are two deep on the shelf, so some will have to find new homes. And my fairy angels can finally be seen sitting in a lovely glass bowl. I'm so happy.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

New Owlies

I started sewing a couple of Owlies (as my three year old calls them) last week, and I ended up with a Rookery full. There will be a shop update very soon.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Cabin Faver

My Littlest one has an awful ear infection that just doesn't want to budge despite anti-biotics. The cold grey rainy weather at the moment isn't helping. So this weekend when she felt awful and there was nothing more I could do for her, I sat two feet away from her and did some sewing.
On Saturday I made this Indigo Log Cabin cushion out of Japanese prints, as a birthday present for one of my brothers. Finished it just in time too.

On Sunday I spent most of the day between the little one and the sewing machine finishing off this quilter's organizer. I did the log cabin for it last Wednesday night. It was foundation pieced on calico, something I hadn't done before. I have also never put on press studs (pop studs?) before. That was the most painful part. I learnt a lot making this. Mainly that I love Velcro!

Its got lots of interior space, pockets for things, and a notebook pocket as well.

I really enjoyed making this, I love the colour's, but then again I like a lot of different colour's and fabrics..
Its from the book 21 Sensational Patchwork Bags, by Susan Briscoe. The book is full of wonderful bags and now has me brimming with ideas.